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Come not when I am dead

Come not when I am dead

Come not,when I am dead,
To drop thy foolish tears upon my grave,
To trample round my fallen head,
And vex the unhappy dust thou woudst not save.
There let the wind sweep and plover cry;
But thou,go by

Child,if it were thine error or thy crime
I care no longer,being all unblest;
Wed whom thou will,but I am sick of Time,
And I desire to rest.
Pass on,weak heart,and leave to where I lie:
Go by,go by.


  1. Thi is about relationship gone wrong or not strong enough to with stand.The speaker is trying to move on literary from a love that was not corresponde properly and now that they are dying they are trying to convincing themselves that do not wish to see their lover by using negative words such as no, not.The portrayal of the lover as a foolish child ,exempts the lover from fault even though it says otherwise.This is a case of a subconscious wish beacause the speaker is dying not dead as clarified at the end of the poem and wants to see their lover even for one last time .Time is emphasizes the time,situation,and the future and present tense.This clearly the typical love-hate relationship .


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